Gamblers built the Sunset Strip

Voicemap built a smartphone app that publishes a location-aware audio tour. This new medium connects a voice to a location, creating a new way of telling stories about places. Anyone can download a tour then listen to it while they walk. Voicemap asked me to create one for Los Angeles and the first thing I thought of was the Sunset Strip.

For 80 years the Sunset Strip has sparked and influenced the culture of America with behaviors that have now become normal; dancing to rock music, gambling at casinos, smoking marijuana and same sex marriage. And while the heat that the Strip generated from its nightlife sparks have spread out across the entire country, the sources of those sparks – the original ignition points that heated the action on the Sunset Strip – all came from gambling. My tour takes you through the Strip’s transformation from hotspot to husk.

Download the tour yourself:

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